Since its establishment in 1987, STEPI has played a vital role in providing the technical expertise to the country in different social and economic affairs related to science and technology activities, based on the vast R&D capabilities that have been persistently cultivated for decades. Through its knowledge management and active interactions with the government and industries, STEPI has devoted efforts to advance Korea's national competitiveness, especially in science and technology.

With Industry 4.0, science & technology strategies and policies are seen as a key asset to deliver change at scale for the realization of national innovative growth, which is underpinned by digital transformation, bio health etc. They are now expected to play an enhanced role in addressing extensive and complex issues in daily lives of our people as well as climate chage, life protection and security.

In this regard, STEPI’s research ethics are primarily based upon the practical application of the policies and leading innovation in R&D, industrial economy, and regional & global issues. Based on this rule, STEPI strives to take the lead in suggesting policies that benefit the nation, the people, and the humanity.

Your continued support helps us as we fulfill our mission to create science & technology solutions for a better life and towards national economic prosperity.

Thank you.

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