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Title Dr. Byeongwon Park, STEPI, Designated as Vice-Chair of OECD TIP
Date 2017.12.13 Hit 1639

Dr. Byeongwon Park, STEPI, Designated as Vice-Chair of OECD TIP


Dr. Byeongwon Park, STEPI, has been designated as Vice-Chair of the Working Party on Innovation and Technology Policy (TIP), a subsidiary body under the OECD Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy (CSTP). The designation took place during the 50th General Meeting of the TIP, held on December 12th and 13th, in Paris, France.


The TIP Bureau consists of 1 Chair (Sweden) and 8 Vice-Chairs (South Korea, USA, UK, EU, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Mexico).


Since its establishment in 1993, the OECD TIP has been a leader of academic and policy-related discussions regarding global science and technology innovation (STI) policies. TIP’s agendas have been taken as core STI policy topics of member countries.


The result of this designation indicates that OECD has recognized Korea's active contribution to global science and technology discussions and its rich experience in STI development. Upon this opportunity, Korea is expected to play an active role in leading global STI policies.


※ The CSTP is aimed at promoting discussions and mutual cooperation on science and technology policies among member countries. In addition to the TIP, it also works in conjunction with the Working Party of National Experts on Science and Technology Indicators (NESTI), the Working Party on Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Converging Technologies (BNCT) and the Global Science Forum (GSF).


TIP’s major agendas for 2018 and 2019 will include: Policies aimed at promoting the transfer of knowledge between science and industry; Innovation policies that are more embracing and sustainable, in accordance with Digital Transformation; and an Impact Assessment on public research and policy. Research and discussion will be conducted regarding these agendas.




Attachment: Profile of Dr. Byeongwon Park