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Title STEPI-IBS Forum on "Horizons in Basic Science and Policy"
Date 2017.08.25 Hit 1514

STEPI-IBS Forum on "Horizons in Basic Science and Policy"



The STEPI-IBS Forum was held in Kista, Sweden, for two days on July 27-28, in cooperation with the Institute for Basic Science (IBS).


This forum was held under the theme of “Horizons in Basic Science and Policy”. Twenty professors from Korea and European countries attended the conference as speakers, and round-table discussions were held on the development and policies of basic science to prepare for the paradigm shift and latest trends.


STEPI has prepared a policy session on the theme of 'Role of science in the future'. In this session, Mats Johnsson, Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Education and Research of Sweden, explored the impact of policy priorities in European governments on science outlook, quality of research, and social and industrial development. VINNOVA’s Senior Advisor Dan Andree introduced the priority areas of cooperation between Korean and European scientists within Horizon 2020, the EU research innovation framework programme. Myung-jin Lee, Senior Research Fellow at STEPI, presented the latest trends in Korea's research innovation policy in response to new convergence and digitization. STEPI’s Research Fellow, Kibeom Park gave a presentation about the autonomy and responsibility of science in public research. Subsequent round-table discussion was joined by Taeghwan Hyeon, IBS Nanoparticle Research Director, and Axel Timmermann, IBS Climate Physics Research Director. The discussion was led by Professor Gunnar Oquist of Umeå University, former Secretary General of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Sweden, on the issue of science and technology policy between Korea and EU.


IBS has organized two science sessions on "Nanomaterials for Energy and Medicine" and "Aging mechanisms: Comparative aspects" and presented the latest trends in basic science in Europe and Korea. Experts from Europe and Korea, including Professor Per-olof Berggren of Karolinska Institute, Dr. Benoit Dubertret of CNRS, Dr. Peter Reiss of CEA Grenoble, Dr. Lumi Lumi of the University of Munich, Professor Jochen Feldmann, Professor Per Gardestrom of Umeå University, Professor Dennis Hasselquist of Lund University, Professor Sergio Brovelli of the University of Milan Bococo, Dr. Hong-gil Nam, Director of IBS Plant Aging Life research team, and other IBS research committee members, and Professor Park Jung Won of Seoul National University, have participated in those sessions.


The STEPI-IBS Forum could be an important event in promoting cooperation between Korea and EU countries in the field of science and technology by gathering together to present Korea's science and technology advances to European scientists and the public.