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Title The 409th Science and Technology Policy Forum
Date 2017.03.27 Hit 1649

Scientific and Technological Innovation Policy in the Transition Period: Innovate the Innovation

□  The Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI, President Jong-guk Song) will hold the 409th Science and Technology Policy Forum on the topic of “Scientific and Technological Innovation Policy in the Transition Period: Innovate the Innovation.”  The forum will commence at 2 p.m. on March 30 in Hall 101 of the Daejeon Convention Center.

□ Current issues, such as its prolonged slow economic growth, growing unemployment rate, and intensification of social conflicts call for a transformation of Korea's social system. The great wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, seen as an opportunity for the Korean economy, can also cause crisis if an appropriate measures are not taken through systematic transformation.

□ This forum has been organized as a venue to explore the necessary solutions for systematic transformation. One is to consider ideas for restructuring the administrative system in the field of science and technology, Especially as it is necessary for designing a new scientific and technological innovation system for this critical transitional period. The other is to explore directions for innovating the Research and Development structure and its budget system.

○ Proceedings will commence with an opening address by President Jong guk Song(STEPI), followed by presentations by STEPI members: Seung-woo Yang, Head of the R&D System Renovation Team, on “Directions of Administrative System Restructuring in Science and Technology to Ensure a Response to Future Change and R&D Stability”; and Seog-won Hwang, Head of the R&D Evaluation and Impact Assessment Team, on “Innovation of the Governmental R&D Project Structure and Budget System.”

○ These presentations will be followed by a discussion chaired by Se-jun Lee, Director of the Division for Innovation Policy Research.  Participating in the discussion will be Hong-taek Yong, Director of the Science and Technology Policy Bureau for the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Chang-won Lee, Professor at Hansung University, Oh-sung Ahn, Senior Researcher at the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, and Ji-ho Hwang, Director General of the Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning.


※ Science and Technology Policy Forums invites professionals in the field of science and technology share policy ideas and put forward policy recommendation that provide the direction as well as possible alternative solutions that Korea needs to take in order to address some of the key issues it faces today.

□ Please visit the STEPI homepage at for further details.