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Title “Donation of Computers for Supporting IT-Based Education and Research in Ethiopia”
Date 2017.01.09 Hit 1852

Hand-in-Hand in Support of IT-Based Education and Research in Ethiopia
STEPI and KEI co-hosted a ceremony for the “Donation of Computers for Supporting
IT-Based Education and Research in Ethiopia”


□ The Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI, President Jong-guk Song) and Korea Environment Institute (KEI, President Kwang-kook Park) co-hosted a ceremony for the Donation of Computers for Supporting IT-Based Education and Research in Ethiopia on January 10, 2017, at Sejong National Research Complex in Sejong City.

□ At the request of the Ethiopian Ministry of Education, STEPI has been operating a model project to donate used computers to Ethiopia in support of IT-based education and research. This project is expected to contribute to improving the educational environment and reinforcing human capabilities in Ethiopia’s Jimma region.

 ○ Located some 260 km (roughly seven hours by car) to the southwest of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, Jimma is famous for its locally produced coffee.

□ Under the Second Growth and Transformation Plan, the Ethiopian government is focused on the expansion of schools and institutions for higher education, aiming to provide further opportunities for high-quality education and equal education. The Ethiopian Ministry of Education’s aspiration of “Quality Education for All” is undergoing difficulties regarding adequate investment for educational materials and equipment in their greatly undersized budget.

 ○ In this regard, the “Donation of Computers” project to support Ethiopian IT-based education and research is significant from multiple perspectives. The donated computers, refurbished for their re-use, will offer improved access to IT for educational institutions in rural areas across Ethiopia, where purchasing computers is out of the question according to the limitations of local financing. The computers will serve to facilitate IT-based education. Recycling these computers also serves as a contribution to environmental conservation. Finally, it will also contribute to reinforcing collaboration between Korea and Ethiopia.

□ In recent years, STEPI has been strategically supporting Ethiopia and helping to develop it as a country for science and technology ODA projects. Over the past three years, there have been consistent workshops and educational training sessions held for the sharing of science and technology policies. These years of work have recently brought about practical outcomes, such as the National Science and Technology Roadmap drafted for Ethiopia’s 20 strategic industries. STEPI will continue its science and technology ODA projects centering around strategic nations, thereby contributing to the promotion of science and technology capabilities in developing countries.

 ○ STEPI President Song said, “We are thankful to KEI for its donation of 100 usable computers to facilitate the IT-based education and research project in Ethiopia.” In the future, he added, “STEPI will continue its contributions to cooperation and partnership in science and technology between Korea and Ethiopia, and it will take a leading role in fostering Ethiopian human resources in science and technology.”