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Title A Future-Studies Book for the Public: “Will the Future Be Better?”
Date 2016.12.07 Hit 1917

STEPI Published a Future-Studies Book for the Public: “Will the Future Be Better?”
- Artificial Intelligence, the 4th Industrial Revolution, and the Future of Human Beings  -


□ The Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI, President Jong-guk Song) published a future-studies book for the public, Will the Future Be Better? The book raises questions on how artificial intelligence and the 4th Industrial Revolution may affect our lives, and speculates on other events that will surprise us following the AlphaGo games. Planned by STEPI’s Center for Strategic Foresight, this book is a collection of thoughts compiled from 28 professionals across various fields in response to the demands of our modern times.


※ STEPI, a national policy research institute, conducts in-depth research on the interactive correlations of science and technology with social systems. The Center for Strategic Foresight was established within STEPI in 2011 as a division for research, studying how—from the mid- and long-term perspectives—drastic technological developments may bring about changes in society.  Based on this research, the Center explores how to best respond to new opportunities and risks.


○ The authors have selected six topics that may be rendered as future issues requiring in-depth investigations in the Korean context: a post-human platform, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, the knowledge revolution, responding to disasters, and technological innovations. Regarding these topics, information is presented on up-to-date trends, prospects for the future, and social interpretations.


□ STEPI has so far completed research on global trends and their implications for Korea, technological development and social changes, extreme events, social resilience, the future of innovation systems, and risks to Korea’s core-industrial infrastructure. The institute now aims to conduct systematic research on the causes and effects of these events, which have become ordinary in today’s world, and strives to present proactive alternatives.


○ Faced with the natural hypothesis that methods of thinking should evolve in accordance with changing facts and new discoveries, STEPI’s Center for Strategic Foresight is endeavoring to advance toward a more desired future on the basis of its insights into social changes.