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Title [Publication] STPEI Insight Vol.7_Biological Resource Centers(BRCs) in South Korea
Date 2016.08.05 Hit 1386

Biological Resource Centers (BRCs) in South
Korea: Challenges and Possible Solutions


◆ Biological Resource Centers (BRCs): Key Infrastructure for Bio-research


○Biological resources and bio-information build the basic infrastructures that encourage R&D activities

- Competitiveness in the biological research pertains to securing, managing and developing biological resources
- BRCs are important to bio-research for their role in acquiring biological resources and bio-information and providing them to researchers

※Biological Resource Center (BRC): A center which secures different types and adequate quantities of biological resources and provides the secured resources and bio-related information to researchers and developers.


「STEPI Insight」 intends to provide timely and insightful guidance on science and technology policy, innovation policy and related socio-economic policies (e.g. creative economy, employment, economic growth, aging population, environmental changes and national security). This paper is translated version of STEPI Insight No.176(KN).