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Title The 40-Year History of Science and Technology (Ch.2-Ch.4)
Date 20170323 Hit 1362
File The_40-Year_History_of_Science_and_Technology_Ch.2.pdf The_40-Year_History_of_Science_and_Technology_Ch.3.pdf The_40-Year_History_of_Science_and_Technology_Ch.4.pdf

The 40-Year History of Science and Technology

Chapter 2. The Birth of S&T Administration in the 1960s

Section 1. Environment Surrounding Modern S&T Activities in Korea

Section 2. Establishment of Economic Development Plan and Birth of Science and Technology Policy
Section 3. Establishment of Modern Science and Technology Research Institutes
Section 4. Establishment of an Administrative Organization for Science and Technology 
Section 5. Building Foundations for Science and Technology Promotion
Section 6. Performances and Achievements of Science and Technology Promotion   

Chapter 3. Establishment of National Research and Development System

Section 1. Promotion of Government-funded Research Institutes
Section 2. Strengthening R&D Capacities of Universities
Section 3. Development of Private R&D Activities
Section 4. Operation of National and Public Testing and Research Institutes
Section 5. Construction and Development of Daedeok Science Cluster
Section 6. R&D Collaboration among Industries, Universities, and Research Institutes

Chapter 4. Technology-driven Policy of the 1980s

Section 1. Establishment of Technology-oriented Domestic and International Environment
Section 2. Basis for systemic technology-driven policy
Section 3. Reorganization and Restructuring of National R&D System
Section 4. Launch and Expansion of National R&D Project
Section 5. Strengthening Foundation for Human Resources Advanced Science and Technology
Section 6. Strengthening of Technology Development Efforts of Private Corporations
Section 7. Outcomes of Science and Technology Development