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STEPI Annual Research Topics

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No Title Leader
1 An Evaluation Framework for the Basic Plan of National Science and Technology Seogwon Hwang
2 Innovation Studies in Korea: Achievements and Challenges Wichin Song
3 An Analysis and Policy Recommandation for Improving R&D Supporting Systems by Innovation Actors Hyun-Dae Cho
4 Impact Assessment of R&D Investment: Framework Building(2nd Year) Seogwon Hwang
5 Changes in employment paradigm due to technological innovation and strategy for nurturing science and technology manpower Seong-Min Hong
6 Characteristics of Science and Engineering Doctoral Degree Holders in Private Sector Kibeom Park
7 The adoption of the variables of innovation policy in S&T Law Seongwon Park
8 Policy Measures to Promote Open Science in S. Korea Eunjung Shin
9 Current Status Analysis and Development Plans of Korean Living Lab Jieun Seong
10 Inquiry of characteristics of creative organizations Pilseong Jang
11 A Study on the Improvement of R&D Program Budgeting Janghoon Jeong
12 Promotion strategy of convergence research between government-funded research institutes through enhancing cooperative activities Jonghwa Choi
13 "Technological Drivers and Industrial Impacts of the 4th Industrial Revolution" Seok-Kwan Kim
14 Platform Strategy to Take the Lead in the Global Internet of Things (IoT) Market Byong-Sam Choi
15 Policies for Urban Innovation in the Age of Digital Transformation: Innovation Districts and Data-driven Smart Cities Hyungjoo Kim · Mi-Ae Jung
16 The structural aspects and policy implications in the regional industrial knowledge base Younghun Lim
17 Consumer-centered healthcare industry : Outlook and strategies for the future Gicheol Jeong
18 Policy for market creation and industrialization by the convergence of climate technology Hwanil Park
19 Path Diagnosis and Efficiency Model of Technology Incubation Soo J. Sohn
20 Global Technology Commercialization of PRIs and SMEs-Focused on Technology Export Yoon-Jun Lee
21 The future of work with the rise of the transhuman era Seongwon Park
22 Strategy for Increasing Agri-industry Exports through S&T Joo Ryang Lee
23 Agenda Setting Research on Technological Regulatory Reform Kwang Ho Lee
24 Searching for the Overseas Demand on Green Technology and How to Boost Global Technology Transfer Jin Gyu Jang
25 A Study for Exploring Policy directions of Science and Technology for the New Government Sung Joo HONG
26 Case Study on Technology Innovation and Employment of SMEs Yoon-Jun Lee
27 A Exploratory Study of Science and Technology Policy Evaluation Models Myong Hwa Lee
28 North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Technology Development and the Human Resources Training System Choon Geun Lee
29 2017 Global Innovation Scoreboard Ki Kook Kim
30 Korean Survey on Careers and Mobility of Doctorate Holders 2016 Kawon Cho
31 Guidelines of the Korean Innovation Survey 2017:Recent Developments and Issues Kawon Cho
32 2017 Corporate R&D Investment and Outcomes Doo Hyun Ahn
33 Science and Technology Based Foresight Analysis for National Development Ⅸ Byeongwon Park
34 Evaluating SME’s Innovation Capability and Analyzing SME Innovation Policy Chae Yoon Lim
35 Monitoring on High Technology in China in 2017: Focused on Aerospace Choon Geun Lee
36 Strategy for Socio-technical Transition(3rd year) Wichin Song
37 2017 Korea Entrepreneurship Monitor Younghwan Kim
38 A study for commercialization process on generic technology Chae Yoon Lim
39 Conceptual Framework and Toolkit for Diagnosis of STI Capacities of Developing Countries towards Global Inclusive Innovation Yongsuk Jang
40 Critical Issues of STI Policy in Transition jungwon Lee
41 2017 K-Innovation ODA Program Deok Soon Yim
42 A Study on the Accumulation and Utilization of Historical Contents on Science and Technology Policy Sung Joo HONG