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STEPI Annual Research Topics

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No Title Leader
1 Analyzing issues in global basic research policies and developing a policy information platform for global basic research Min-Hyung Lee
2 A Study for Shaping and Strengthening the Scientific Mind in Korea Seongwon Park
3 Bio-Health Innovation System and the Role of Government Myong Hwa Lee
4 A Study on Legislation of Common Act for National R&D Program Seung Woo Yang
5 A study to train human resources and to support their employment and entrepreneurship for future industries and new industrial areas Seong-Min Hong
6 Manufacturing Innovation Policy Challenges for Next Production Revolution SeungHyun Kim
7 An Exploration of Science and Technology Policy Issues in Response to the Rise of Transhumanism/td> Seongwon Park
8 Analysis of the Status of S&T Human Resource in North Korea Chun Guen Lee
9 Emerging Healthcare Innovations Driven by Data and its Policy Implications Ilyoung Jung
10 The Innovation Strategy of Coopetition for Industrial Leadership -Analysis on the Global Display Industrial Structure - Yongrae Cho
11 Framework and Implementation Strategy of Public Procurement for Technological Innovation in Korea Jonghwa Choi ․ Chunghoon Jung
12 Platform Strategy to Take the Lead in the Global Internet of Things(IoT) Market Byong-Sam Choi
13 Development of the Simulation Model for Analyzing Policy Effect on Promoting Innovative new Product Gicheol Jeong
14 Evolution and Selection of the Agricultural Innovation System: Cross-national Comparative Study Joo Ryang Lee
15 The Effect of Convergence on Technological Innovation Patterns : Focusing on the Automobile Industry and the Display Industry Kwang Ho Lee
16 Challenges in Expanding Access to Research Outputs and Moving toward Open Science Eunjung Shin
17 Autonomy and Responsibility of Science in Public Research Kibeom Park
18 Measures for Improvement of Government R&D Strategy and Governance Seung Woo Yang
19 Diagnosis and Countermeasures for the Research Environment of Science and Technology Personnel Seong-Min Hong
20 Labor Market Analysis to Stabilize Supply and Demand of Professional Engineers Seong-Min Hong
21 2016 Korea Entrepreneurship Monitoring Sunwoo Kim
22 Comparative Study on Regional Entrepreneurship and Startup Ecosystem Jungwoo Lee
23 2016 Young Innovators Talk Younghwan Kim
24 Strategy for Socio-Technical System Transition (2nd Year) Wichin Song
25 Evaluating SME's Innovation Capability Chansoo Park