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No 2016 STEPI International Symposium
Date 2016-06-29 Hit 1758

2016 STEPI International Symposium



Theme     : New Policy Challenges for Bio-health Innovation: Asian Perspectives

Date        : June 29(Wed) 2016, 14:00 ~ 17:40

Venue     : 1F, Royal Ballroom, THE PALACE HOTEL SEOUL

Address : 160 Sapyeong-daero. Seocho-go, Korea (Banpo-dong) 06578

Host        : Science and Technology Policy Institute(STEPI)


○ Program


▷ Opening Remarks


▷ Congratulatory Remarks


▷ Keynote Speech : New Policy Challenges for Life Science and Bio-health Innovation

   Zhihong Xu (Former President of Peking University)


▷ Presentation 1 : The Japanese Challenge for Promoting Bioindustry in 21st Century

   Mitsuru Miyata ( Executive Lead Writer, Nikkei Business Publication, Inc.)


▷ Presentation 2 : Big Data, Precision Medicine, Challenge and Opportunity

   Yi-Xue Li (Director of Biomedical Department, Shanghai Industrial Technology Institute)


▷ Presentation 3 : Key Issues in Bio-Health Innovation Strategy and Policy in Korea

   Sang-won Lee ( Director, Department of Health Industry Policy & Strategy Planning, Korea Health Industry Development Institute)


▷ Presentation 4 : Global Innovation Network and Asian Catch-up Models in Bio-Health Industry

   Seok-Kwan Kim (Director of Division for Industrial Innovation Research, STEPI)


▷ Panel Discussion and Q&A : Chair- Vice President, STPEI