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No 1st International Conference on Science, Technology, Innovation and Development
Date 2015-09-10 Hit 2384


< 1st International Conference on  Science, Technology, Innovation and Development >


                                          Innovations for shared Prosperity


○ Date : September 9 ~10, 2015


○ Venue : Sheraton Seoul D Cube Hotel


○ Organizers : STEPI , World Bank Group


Session 1

1-1 Towards a Pan-African Innovation Ecosystem: STI cooperation as a level of national, regional
      and continental development
1-2 STI Policy in National Development in Malaysia & Strengthening STI Policy for Development
      in Developing Countries
1-3 STI and Development: A Perspective from India
1-4 Understanding Korean S&T Policy in the Context of Development Economics

Session 2

2-1 Lessons from Technology Innovation & Transfer for Sustainable Development
2-4 Mainstreaming STI in KOICA's ODA: Opportunities and Challenges
2-5 Can Korean STI Development Model be transferred to developing countries?

Session 3

3-1 The Importance of ICT's for Development: Early Lessons from World Development Report 2016
3-2 ICT Connectivity, Innovation and Transformation for Developing Countries
3-3 People, Technology and Development

Session 4

4-1 GTC's Green Technologies in Developing Countries
4-2 Promoting Green Technologies in Developing Countries
4-3 German International Cooperation and Mechanisms of Climate Technology Transfer
4-4 Needs and Potentials of Adaptation Technology for the Developing Countries in Asia-Pacific

Session 5

5-1 A retrospective look at the STI policy of Nepal: Way forward for reconstruction
5-2 Status of STI development in Ethiopia, challenges and future direction
5-3 Growth, Innovation and Productivity Agenda, Chile, 2014-2018


Session 6

6-1 Can an integration of functional literacy, technical skills development, and micro-credit be a
      solution for poverty alleviation in West Africa?
6-2 Using non-paten reference (NPR) to explore the opportunities of industry-university
      collaboration: A case of medical technology field
6-3 The Effect of Research and Development Investment in Environmental Companies on

Session 7

7-1 Classification of Regional Innovation Types and Region-based Innovation Policies
7-2 Effects or Regional Development Agencies on Motivation of Entrepreneurship
      : the Case of Turkey
7-3 Changes of industrial policy paradigm based on Korean heavy chemical industrial
      promotion acts

Session 8(A)

8(A)-1 The Holding Company System as New Corporate Governance
          : Major trends in Korean Chaebols
8(A)-2 Legal Study on the Water Law Institution of the China and the Improvement Plan-
          A comparison with the U.S,, EU and Korea legal system
8(A)-3 A Dynamic Monthly Model of U.S. Softwood Lumber Demand with Linkages to
          the Lumber Futures and the Housing Markets
8(A)-4 The comparative analysis of debt and asset of households between capital region
          and non-capital region in Korea: Implications to China
8(A)-5 Dynamic Shift-Share Analysis of Regional Employment Growth of Korea, 2005-2014

Session 8(B)

8(B)-1 The Impact of Loan Relations with Foreign Banks on Earning Management by Local Firms
8(B)-2 Public Broadcasting Research in Korea - Meta-analysis
8(B)-3 Building Effective Institutional Framework and Collaboration: A New Paradigm for Agricultural
          Development and Sustainable Food Security- A Case Study of Abim District, Uganda