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No The 10th Trilateral S&T Policy Seminar
Date 2015-11-09 Hit 1960


< The 10th Trilateral S&T Policy Seminar >


○ Date : November 9-10, 2015


○ Venue : Kobe, Japan


○ Program


Session 1 : Reviews of Research Activities in Each Institute

Chaired by NISTEP

This session discuss the research activities and progresses of each institute.


Session 2 : Recent Trends on Scientometrics and its Application

Chaired by STEPI

This session discuss the recent trend on measuring science, technology and innovation, such as science visualization, science and technology indicators, economic analysis of innovation, and other relevant issues.


Session 3 : Surveying R&D and Innovation Process in as era of Open Innovation

Chaired by CAS/IPM

This session discuss the recent study on R&D systems and innovation processes, such as private companies' R&D and university-industry collaboration in the field of open innovation.


Session 4 : Toward Diversity and Mobility of Human Resources for innovation

Chaired by KISTEP

This session discuss the recent study on human resource in science and technological innovation, such as doctoral human resource datebase and diversity/mobility of S&T personnel.


Session5 : New Trends of S&T Foresight and its Development

Chaired by CASTED

This session discuss the recent activities of technology foresight conducted by each institute, and its impacts on the national STI policy as well as the methodologies of technology foresight.