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?STEPI Insight? is published to explore measures from the perspectives of science and technology to tackle social and economic policy issues faced by Korea, including creative economy, job creation, growth engine, an aging society, the environment, and security.
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Title [STEPI insight] Dissemination of Open Science Policy and Its Implications
Volume 216
Author Eunjung Shin, Wongyo Jung
Date 2017-08-08 Page 4
Hit 672
File 216.hwp 

Dissemination of Open Science Policy and Its Implications

Emergence of open science in the digital era

  ▶Driven by the dissemination of digital technology, the trend of opening research process and outcomes to the public is now being accelerated.

     - The increase of open access journals has resulted in a rapid growth of publicly accessible online academic data.

     - The advancement of data-based digital science has enhanced the value of research data, making it possible to more frequently disclose or share research data that is being generated in the process of research or being released after the publication of research outcomes.

 ▶Digital infrastructure and services are being expanded to better support open research cooperation like disclosure or sharing of research data and online research collaboration.

 ▶The dissemination of digital technology has allowed both research processes and outcomes to be publicly disclosed. This trend is now being referred to as ‘open science’.



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