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?STEPI Insight? is published to explore measures from the perspectives of science and technology to tackle social and economic policy issues faced by Korea, including creative economy, job creation, growth engine, an aging society, the environment, and security.

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STEPI Insight 게시판
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27 [STEPI Insight] Measures to Scale Up Venture Companies Sunwoo Kim, Wooseok Jin 2020-08-10 STEPI_Insight_258.pdf 166
26 [STEPI Insight] Policy Suggestions for the Social Value Realization by Government-funded Institutions in S&T Cheongwon Woo, Taeyang Kim 2020-07-10 STEPI_Insight_257.pdf 172
25 [STEPI Insight] Adoption of Core-strategic Purpose Technology from the Industrial Technolgy Security Perspecti Yongrae Cho, Hyunjun Park 2020-06-15 STEPI_Insight_256.pdf 179
24 [STEPI Insight] STI Strategy for Preparedness and Response for Infectious Diseases from Life Security Perspect Yongrae Cho, Jonghyuk Lee 2020-05-25 STEPI_Insight_255.pdf 167
23 [STEPI Insight] Is Technology Commercialization Available Withough Demonstration? Soojeong Sohn, Sejun Lee 2020-05-11 STEPI_Insight_254.pdf 175
22 [STEPI Insight] Measures to Improve R&D Support to SMEs for Innovation Growth Sunwoo Kim, Jaewon Kim 2020-05-03 STEPI_Insight_249.pdf 82
21 [STEPI Insight] Number and Characteristics of Postdoctoral Researchers in Korea Kibeom Park, Hyunjun Park 2020-04-20 STEPI_Insight_253.pdf 53
20 [STEPI Insight] Major Innovation Measures to Establish R&D Cooperation System for Public Research Institutions Minyung Lee, Taeyang Kim 2020-04-10 STEPI_Insight_252.pdf 61
19 [STEPI Insight] Trend of International Discussion on STI for SDGs and Political Suggestions Hyanghee Lee, Myungjin Lee 2020-04-01 STEPI_Insight_251.pdf 52
18 [STEPi Insight] Ways to Reform Related Law for Convergence R&D Activation Jonghwa Choi, Seongman Jin 2020-03-16 STEPI_Insight_250.pdf 54