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?STEPI Insight? is published to explore measures from the perspectives of science and technology to tackle social and economic policy issues faced by Korea, including creative economy, job creation, growth engine, an aging society, the environment, and security.

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STEPI Insight 게시판
No Title Author Date File Hit
13 [STEPI insight] Proposal of Technology Finance for Technology Commercialization Efficiency Soojung Son 2019-09-04 239.hwp 440
12 [STEPI insight] Digital Innovation Trends of CES 2019 and MWC 19 and Policy Recommendations Byungsam Choi, Illyoung Jung 2019-05-30 234.hwp 413
11 [STEPI insight] EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and Its Implications for the Improvement of~ Illyoung Jung, Myunghwa Lee 2018-12-21 227.hwp 406
10 [STEPI insight] Innovating Small- and Medium-Sized Regional Cities through Scaleups Sunwoo Kim, Yeonghwan Kim 2017-08-20 225.hwp 436
9 [STEPI insight] Dissemination of Open Science Policy and Its Implications Eunjung Shin, Wongyo Jung 2017-08-08 216.hwp 416
8 [STEPI insight] Major Countries’ Policies to Support SMEs’ R&D Activities and Their Implications for South Ko. Younghwan Kim, Jungwoo Lee 2017-06-29 214.hwp 77
7 Biological Resource Centers(BRCs) in South Korea : Challenges and Possible Solution Eunjung Shin, Gicheol Jeong 2016-08-01 STEPI Insight vol.7.pdf 4410
6 Characteristic Analysis of Innovation Strategy by Software Application Sector by Area and Policy Directions Kim seunghyun, Kim mangin 2016-03-01 [STEPI] STEPI Insight Vol.6.pdf 5241
5 [STEPI Insight] Issues and Challenges in transforming KAIST Model into Developing Countries : Case of Ethiopia Jaewon Lee, Gunhee Park 2015-07-01 STEPI_Insight_Vol5.pdf 7627
4 [STEPI Insight] Policy Direction and Issues for the Improvement of Resilience Jiyoung Suh, Kujin Cho 2015-03-20 STEPI_Insight_vol.4.pdf 6360