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Organization Researchers

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President Auditor Vice President Division of Starategic Planning Research Strategy Team External Strategy Team Division of Innovation System Research Office of Institutional Innovation Research Office of National R&D Research R&D Financial Project Evaluation Team Division of Research on Innovation Policy for Growth Office of Future Industry Research Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Stadies Division of Global Innovation Strategy Office of Multilateral Cooperation Progect Office of STI ODA Project(IICC) Global Training Program Team Division of Administration Human Resources and General Affairs Team Budget Planning Team Financial Management Team Research Management Team Information Management Team R&D Support Team
Office of National R&D Research
Fax :
Name Position Tel Website E-Mail
Myong Hwa Lee Head 044-287-2173   Send mail
Doo Hyun Ahn Senior Research Fellow 044-287-2115 Homepage Send mail
Hyun Dae Cho Senior Research Fellow 044-287-2108 Homepage Send mail
Ki Beom Park Research Fellow 044-287-2134 Homepage Send mail
Jang Hoon Chung Research Fellow 044-287-2177   Send mail
Ka Won Cho Research Fellow 044-287-2138 Homepage Send mail
Hyeon Chae Yang Associate Research Fellow 044-287-2188   Send mail
Chung Won Woo Associate Research Fellow 044-287-2176   Send mail
YongRae Cho Associate Research Fellow 044-287-2166   Send mail
Yoon Sung Jung Researcher 044-287-2217   Send mail
HyeIn Yoon Administrator 044-287-2054   Send mail
Su Yeon Lee Administrator 044-287-2054   Send mail
Eun Hye Bae Intern 044-287-2110   Send mail