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Title KAIST-AEARU Workshop Group’s Visit to STEPI
Date 2017-11-03 Hit 1396  

The 2017 KAIST-AEARU Workshop Group visited STEPI on November 3, 2017.


STEPI welcomed 18 graduate students from East Asian countries, such as China, Hong Kong, and Japan, who came to Korea to attend the 2017 KAIST-AEARU Workshop and visited STEPI as part of the program.


Dr. Yong-suk Jang, Director of Global Policy Research Center, Ms. Eun Joo Kim, Head of Capacity Building and Training Team at International Innovation Cooperation Center (IICC), and Ms. Saymin Lee, Researcher at Global Policy Research Center, introduced STEPI to the visiting group, explaining its role as a global think tank in the area of science, technology, and innovation (STI) policy and its research activities. Afterwards, the group had discussions with STEPI researchers over general STI policy research.


* KAIST: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

  AEARU: Association of East Asian Research Universities