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Title Capacity Building Seminar on Technological Innovation Program in Peru
Date 2017-02-01 Hit 1388  

The STEPI jointly organized the Capacity Building Seminar on “Technological Innovation Program in Peru and Korean Experience” with the National Science Technology and Technological Innovation Council of Peru (CONCYTEC) from December 13th to 14th, 2016 in Lima, Peru. The workshop took place as part of the technical cooperation project initiated in August 2016 led by Dr. Wangdong Kim, the Research Fellow of STEPI-IICC. The workshop was aimed to introduce the Korean support programs and share relevant Korean experience in efforts to provide the basis for developing Technological Innovation Program in Peru.


The workshop covered key pillars of the technological innovation support program including R&D center accreditation, financial and manpower support, tax incentives, technological development, public procurement and regional innovation. The program has the objective of strengthening the capacity of the innovation actor, creating an innovation ecosystem enhancing cooperation among innovation actors for the socioeconomic development. Dr. Mean Sun Noh of Korea Small Business Institute (KOSBI) and Dr. Jonghwa Choi of STEPI also joined the mission to share their expertise and knowledge about promoting technological innovation in Korea.


The event was received with great enthusiasm and fervor by the relevant stakeholders from the academia, private sector, public entities and civil society, which demonstrated a high level of interest in Korean experience and its possible implications for Peru. About 150 participants attended both days of the workshop and clearly demonstrated strong interests from various innovation actors. The audience participated in survey following the workshop and the results indicated great satisfaction in terms of quality of the presentations and the topics.