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Title Launching Ceremony of Gyeongnam Living Lab Network and the 20th Korea Living Lab Network Forum
Date 2020-07-22 Hit 846  

The 20th Korea Living Lab Network Forum was held with Gyeongnam Living Lab Network Launching Ceremony at Changwon Convention Center On July 22.

More than 120 people including the organizations participating in the network and those related to living lab network in other regions attended the launching ceremony. 21 organizations including state-owned corporations, state-owned organizations, research institutes as well as universities and related civic groups in Gyeongnam Province participated in the ‘Gyeongnam Living Lab Network.’ Their policy is to spread innovation across all sectors of society such as industry, economy, education, and urban development with various innovative actors. Since the citizens participate in every process and take leading role in the Living Lab, it can naturally become a consumer-oriented autonomous social-problem solution method.

Governor Kim Kyung-soo said in a welcoming address on this day, “There is always an answer in the field, and the citizens in the field know the best way to solve problems. The Living Lab is a textbook to solve problems and the activities match the slogan of our province ‘Make New Gyeongnam Together.’

Following the launching ceremony, Senior Research Fellow Song Wi-jin of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Policy gave a keynote speech at the ‘Korea Living Lab Network Forum.’ After that, Yun Nan-sil, Head of Gyeongnam Society Innovation Promotion Bureau, Jeong Eun-hee, Head of Gyeongnam University Regional Society Innovation Center, and Professor Choi In-gyu of Inje University gave presentations.

The Gyeongnam Living Lab Network plans to conduct various activities such as sharing information, mutual exchange between participating organizations, holding regular forums, and training practitioners and activists.