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Title STEPI Launched the 1st「National Wicked Problem Forum」
Date 2019-10-07 Hit 681  

In order to find out breakthrough of national wicked problems such as environmental, economic and employment issues and come up with a solution for each issue, experts from industry, university and institute have got together.

* Wicked Problem: Problems revolving government planning such as policy planning and social issues that tend to be ambiguous with no clear solution. Such problems depend on political decision and never get perfectly resolved, which causes repeated conflicts. Prime examples are climate change, poverty, terrorism, food exhaustion, and energy issue.

The Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI) launched the "National Wicked Problem Forum" and appointed the members of the "National Wicked Problem Forum Committee", which is a joint solution development community of industry, university and institute, at Oakroom, The Plaza Hotel, Seoul on Thursday, 19, September 2019.

The "National Wicked Problem Forum" will play a role to come up with strategies to respond to the socio-economic system problems, which have been felt by the people but entrenched in our society, through an innovative approach including a variety of methodologies, policy ideas and action plans for the citizens.

The National Wicked Problem Forum Committee will also take up multiple roles for the national wicked problems. The committee, consisting of a governing committee and four sub-committees, will be organized with 20~30 experts from the related industries, universities, and institutes. Dr. Hwang-hee Cho and the heads of the sub-committiees will lead the governing committee.

The 1st sub-comminate will focus on industrial technology security issues under the leadership of Mr. Deok-hyeon Yoo, the advisor for Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction. The 2nd sub-committee, digital welfare committee, will be led by professor Gwang-joon Kim from Yonsei University's College of Medicine. The 3rd sub-committee, led by Mr. Young-cheol Kim, head of Policy Planning Department of Jeju TP, will be committed to tackling environmental problems together with other sub-committees.

Lastly, legal committee will be situated under the above mentioned three sub-committed and take care of each area's legal issues. The legal committee will be led by Professor Yi-hwan Kim from Sungkyunkwan University.

Dr. Hwang-hee Cho, president of STEPI explained that "National wicked problems do not just mean the social conflict, but more complicated issue that requires a broader innovation across the economic and social system.” He also said, "I am excited with the National Wicked Problem Forum as it is the first step of a multi-disciplinary research to define a variety of wicked problems and set the direction of innovation strategy.”

On the other hand, STEPI has worked on a research project titled "Socio-economic System Innovation Strategy to Tackle National Wicked Problems from Science Technology Perspective" since January this year. Through the research, STEPI listed up 40 national wicked issues in 10 areas through researches such as sorting out issues by region, analyzing network analyzation, and implementing word imbedding, as well as preview meetings.