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Title Science & Technology Parks (STP) Policy and Technology Transfer and Commercialization Workshop
Date 2019-09-02 Hit 673  

The Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI) provided 'Science & Technology Parks (STP) Policy and Technology Transfer and Commercialization Workshop' for 21 days from July 25 (Mon) to August 14 (Wed), 2019.

The event, jointly planned by STEPI and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), was organized to share our knowledge and experience in STP policy-making, assessment, and implementation as well as technology transfer with developing countries in response to their attention toward Korea's economic development and continued request for knowledge sharing.

The training was provided to 20 experts, mostly working-level officials in charge of science & technology policy, from Tunisia, Palestine, Azerbaijan, El Salvador, Laos, and Afghanistan by Korean experts who know the know-how and theoretical background of Korea's science & technology innovation policy based on abundant work experience in terms of science & technology policy-making and technology transfer. The program included detailed case studies as well.

The participants learned and analyzed the status and key issues of Korea's technology transfer through a workshop with the experts, and set up their action plan to encourage the commercialization of technology transfer. Through the action plan presentation, they had a chance to introduce their plan and receive feedback from experts to make the plan more applicable.

Hopefully, all the participating countries in the 3-week training will be able to understand Korea's science & technology development process and experience, and upgrade their action plan selected through the workshop.