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Title Opening Ceremony of the 1st STEPI Student Press Corps
Date 2019-07-04 Hit 1315  

STEPI held the opening ceremony of the "1st STEPI Student Press Corps" and announced its official start at the 5th floor of STEPI Building at 11 am on Thursday, May 30.

The press corp consists of 6 student reporters, who will raise awareness about the nation's science and technology policies and report STEPI's major research performances and other news related to the institute for seven months until December this year.


The members of the corps will undertake a variety of missions and promotional activities related to STEPI both on SNS such as blog and Facebook, and offline.


In addition, the press corps will be paid a small amount of monthly allowance and will be given opportunities to participate in major events and researches. They will also receive various benefits at the end of their activities, including a reward for outstanding reporters.


At the ceremony, Mr. Jong-hwa Cho, director of the Division of Strategic Planning of STEPI, said: "There is a lack of channels to let the public know about STEPI's research achievements, and I hope the student press corps will become a communication channel between STEPI and the people."


Dr. Hwang-hee Cho, president of STEPI, said that "I believe the young, enthusiastic and smart reporters of the corps will play a major role in attracting public attention and interest in science and technology policies.” He also encouraged the reporters to take pride in themselves as STEPI members and to build good memories in their college lives while working in the corps.


Through the activities of STEPI Student Press Corps, which is operated for the first time by STEPI, it is expected to enhance the public awareness about STEPI with creative contents based on a young perspective.