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Title 「UN STI From」 Side Event
Date 2019-06-10 Hit 822  

Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI) held a side event of theUN STI Forumunder the theme of “innovation through connecting science technology and social culture” at 8 a.m. local time on May 15, Wednesday at the UN headquarters, New York.


This event, jointly held by STEPI and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP), was organized to help understand the roles of art and humanities in the implementation of science technology policies and come up with human-centered approaches.


Dr. Hwang-Hee Cho, president of STEPI and Mr. Se-Joong Kwon, head of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Scientific Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs opened the event with their opening remarks and congratulatory remarks. Afterwards, Dr. Chi-woong Song, head of Division of Global Innovation Strategy of STEPI and Dr. Leonie Bradbury, Director of Art and Creative Initiatives of HUBWeek delivered their presentations respectively on ‘Connecting Science Technology and Social Culture’ and ‘Convergence o Art and Technology’, which were followed by discussions.


Dr. Chi-woong Song introduced a wide range of governmental policies that have been in place which were designed to develop Korea's science culture and enhance the public awareness of technology, such as the designation of ‘Science Day’ and the monthly publication of ‘Science and Technology’. He presented many more examples of the government's effort to raise our future generation's interests in science technology. Also, emphasizing the ultimate need of further investment in human resources, he shared his belief that a technology can prosper only when the technology is for the society and people.


Dr. Leonie Bradbury presented Boston's HUBWeek activity as an example of a platform where art and science technology are met and connected. HUBWeek is a non-profit organization established by Harvard University, MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital, and The Boston Globe, a respected newspaper in the eastern United States back in 2014. It holds a variety of events, including annual conference, exhibition and EXPO, for a week for the purpose of the convergence and communication of art and science technology.


Dr. Bradbury showed how HUBWeek works as a citizen's platform where individuals and organizations in the fields art and science technology build network with each other to tackle social issues, pursuing new discoveries and innovations through multidisciplinary approaches.


After the presentations, discussions were followed. Dr. Hwan-il Park, head of Office of Multilateral Cooperation Project of STEPI pointed out that innovation in science technology has made both positive and negative impacts on human activities and human beings as a whole, but policy has failed to catch up the speed of technology evolvement, which requires a balance between technology and policy. Furthermore, he stressed that we need to think about measures to improve social acceptance of new technology in the process of technology transition.


Dr. Hwang-Hee Cho, president of STEPI, said "Science technology has been deeply embedded in our daily lives, and thus the policy for science technology innovation needs to be able to popularize science and technology, beyond just technical innovation." He also mentioned that "Through this event, I look forward to providing a forum to discuss ways to innovate science and technology based on human-centered approaches to solving social problems at the global level."


TheUN STI Forumhas been held as an annual event to reach a consensus on the importance and role of science & technology in the sustainable development of global society since 2016. This year, the forum was organized under the theme of "Citizen Encouragement to Foster Equality and Tolerance through Science & Technology Innovation", celebrating its 4th anniversary.