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Title The Dominican Republic Delegation Visited STEPI
Date 2019-06-10 Hit 835  

The delegation of the Dominican Republic paid a visit to STEPI on Thursday, May 16, 2019.


The delegation, which consisted of 15 members who are working-level public officials of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs and other experts from universities and R&D institutes, including Mr. Ignacio Antonio Mendez Fernandez who has led the delegation as the Vice-Minister of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs and Mr. Edwin Rafael Ricardo Corniel, the Vice-Minister of High Education, Science and Teachnology, met STEPI experts to learn about Korea's experience and know-how in the field of science and technology.


During their visit, STEPI offered a workshop in which Dr. Yong-seok Jang, Senior Research Fellow at STEPI's Office of Multilateral Cooperation Project presented on “Korea's Technology Innovation Process and Policy”, and Dr. Chae-yoon Lim, Research Fellow at STEPI's Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Studies on “Policy and Technical Support for SME's Technology Innovation” to introduce Korea's success cases in the process of the nation's technology innovation.


Dr. Jang first explained the background: how Korea has developed its science & technology innovation policy. He pointed 'select and concentration' strategy as the biggest factor that has led Korea's economic growth. With limited natural resources, Korea focused on a couple of selected areas that have more likelihood of success, rather than investing in all areas. His presentation highlighted the significance of a strategy, sharing Korea's technology priority over the years and the relevant science and technology policy.


Dr. Lim, on the other hand, provided a detailed explanation about the importance of SME's technology innovation and the Korean government's R&D support for companies in the hope that the Dominican delegation will 'get new ideas for their system'. e also mentioned that while the past 40 years were all about government's active intervention and abundant policy experience like supporting private research firms, tax credit and SME-only R&D program, now the system has to be converted to private investment by leveraging accumulated expertise and resources.


There was a Q&A session as well after Ms. Eun-Joo Kim, head of Global Training Program Team intorudced the current status of STEPI.

Dr. Hwang-hee Cho, president of STEPI, explained the visit of the Dominican delegation is a meaningful opportunity to deliver Korea's successful experience and know-how in science & technology innovation, adding that “STEPI will continue to make steady effort to contribute to enhancing Korea's global position and expanding diplomacy by spreading the nations's science and technology policy around the world.”


This visit was made as a part of Invitational Workshop: Capacity Building in the Dominican Republic for the Development of Innovation and Industrial Entrepreneurship, a multi-year training project by Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), upon the request of the Korea Institute for Development Strategy (KDS) which is the operator of the program.