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Title Visit to China's Major Science & Technology Innovation Research Institutes
Date 2019-04-17 Hit 1546  


From 3 to 6 March, 2019, the official visitor group of 5 including Dr. Hwang-hee Cho, President of STEPI, visited the Institutes of Science and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASISD), the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development (CASTED), the Korea-China Science & Technology Cooperation Center (KOSTEC) and Samsung Economic Research Institute China (SERI China) in order to expand its academic exchanges with Chinese institutes.


First of all with CASSID, a consensus that the existing exchange needs to be converted to joint researches that include both sides' researchers has been reached. Accordingly, the two institutes agreed to first share key research topics such as AI, smart mobility, robot and other subjects related to the fourth industrial revolution, and then make a final decision on joint research topic together. To make sure such a joint project is well executed, both institutes confirmed a detailed timeline and persons in charge so that the staff for active communication between the researchers.


At CASTED, we have recognized the existing problems in the Korea-China Science and Technology Innovation Forum and discussed how to improve such problems. Both CASTED and STEPI agreed to adopt more concrete topics from researchers' perspective going forward as the forum was too uniform and more like a one-time event. Also, the two institutes decided to exchange researchers in three areas: National Innovation System, International Innovation System, and cooperation with Asian and Southern American countries in relation to China's One Belt, One Road Initiative while sharing key research achievements and report lists. Furthermore, the two parties agreed to conduct joint researches and publish the result on academic journals.


In addition, the visitors paid a visit to KOSTEC and SERI China to collect data required for STEPI's China researches in 2019. In KOSTEC, we have learned the role and function of the center as well as the challenges of Korea-China Science & Technology Cooperation. With the center, we also discussed possible ways for STEPI researchers to participate where a seminar in China which requires many experts. A visit to SERI China provided an opportunity to understand the difficulties local Korean companies are faced with and the current status of China's industrial policy.


The official visit to Chinese institutes made two meaningful achievements: First, Korea-China science & technology network has been upgraded from institute-centered one to researcher-centered one. CASISD under the Chinese Academy of Science and CASTED under the Ministry of Science and Technology agreed to have joint researches with STEPI, which will be led to the publication of joint research reports on topics that both institutes finally select. We have established a long-term, practical framework where a variety of perspectives and research methods of researchers are shared. Second, all of the institutes we visited recognized the need for a new method of Korea-China science and technology cooperation. They saw both China-Japan-Korea Seminar and Korea-China Science and Technology Innovation Forum need to change in format as well as in structure while research institutes take on bigger roles. In that regard, we agreed to make efforts to transform such forums into a practical venue for exchange where researcher freely share their research achievements, which is led by research institutes.


STEPI will continue to strive to expand our exchange with both CASISD and CASTED and support cooperation between researchers.