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Title STEPI In-House Seminar on ‘Smart City Policy Trends and Direction’
Date 2018-11-27 Hit 2878  

On November 21, the Innovation Enterprise Research Group held a seminar on the topic of 'Smart City Policy Trends and Direction'. Dr. Jeong-Chan Lee, an associate research fellow of the Smart Green Urban Research Center, Korea Research Institute of Human Settlement, to present about the concept and definition of smart city, and the researchers in the field discussed policy trends and directions.


Firstly, Dr. Lee introduced various definitions around the world of smart city. He said the Article 2 of the Smart City Act of Korea defines it “a sustainable city that provides a variety of city services based on urban infrastructure built by convergence and complex of construction, information and communication technologies to improve city competitiveness and quality of life.”


In addition, he said that the characteristics of Korean Smart City are developing data based innovation model and demonstrating and implementing it, and stressed the following three key points. The first is to establish a data hub and Urban Operating System (UOS), thereby standardizing data and technology, enabling citizens to participate in services and measuring their satisfaction which can be obtained from the city. The second key is the Civic City use case type for urban problem solving. The third is the Inno City, which is a living lab type for technology innovation and business creation. He also introduced cities such as Songdo, Siheung, Anyang, Sejong, and Daegu that are gradually introducing smart city infrastructure.


The researchers compared the cases of European cities in the high ranking World Smart City, and discussed the issues such as citizen participation, personal information infringement, digital divide (‘gap of information and technology utilization’ between generations, hierarchy, regions, and sexes). Moreover, they discussed the current situation of developing countries which try to introduce Korea’s smart city case and the plan of international cooperations.