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Title Career Experience Program at Sejong National Research Complex
Date 2018-11-27 Hit 2999  

The Science and Technology Policy Institute held a job and career experience program jointly organized by the National Research Council of Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences and the related research institutes from November 20 to 21. This program was designed for middle school students to enhance their understanding of the role of national research institutes and explore careers according to their area of interest, utilizing the regional characteristics of Sejong City where national research complex is located.


The event was attended by 15 Yeonseo Middle School students on November 20, and 27 students from Jeoneui Middle School on November 21. The program was composed of two lectures: in the first lecture, they discussed about artificial intelligence which is a core technology of the fourth industrial revolution under the topic ‘The future with artificial intelligence’ and predicted the future society. Through introducing diverse artificial intelligence technology examples and conceptual explanations, students could see that artificial intelligence is used not only in robots but also in more fields. In addition, they could understand the artificial intelligence by watching a video of future society using artificial intelligence products and service, and could imagine the future and think about the negative effects that artificial intelligence can bring as well.


Next, a lecture was given on the theme of ‘Technology-based start-up and entrepreneurship'. This lecture encouraged entrepreneurship and opportunity to capture opportunities and challenges with a small idea, and to explore various possibilities in career exploration. In addition, various quizzes were given to break the prejudices that students have about entrepreneurs and made them to think that everyone can become an entrepreneur. Finally, the students were introduced about the entrepreneurial motives and business models of familiar start-ups, and they learned about the characteristics and significance of Young Innovators.


Through these two lectures, students had a meaningful time to understand the changing science and technology environment as well as business environment, and also could dream about their future. In particular, they thought about new jobs in the era of artificial intelligence, and had a career exploration opportunity to find a diverse possibilities in start-up.