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Title Regional Research Seminar on 'Transition of local industrial support projects and improvement direction of local special industry development projects'
Date 2018-10-29 Hit 2224  

On October 11th, the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Studies held a seminar on the theme of 'Transition of local industrial support projects and improvement direction of local special industry development projects'. The seminar invited the Senior Researcher Jang Bo-young of Local Project Unit at the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology to present about the process and status of the local industrial policy. And then there was a performance evaluation of the participating researchers and discussions about improvement measures.


Firstly, in the presentation related to the status and contents of the local industrial policy, the economic cooperation industry development project (referred to as the "economic cooperation project") and the local concentration industry development project (referred to as the "local concentration project) were explained. The economic cooperation project supports industries that are likely to generate synergies between value added and employment through autonomous cooperation among 14 cities and provinces in the non-metropolitan area. For example, the nano-convergence material project is operated by Ulsan and participated by Gyeongnam and Jeonnam. Another example is the secondary battery project which is operated by Chungnam and participated by Chungbuk. The local specialization project selects main businesses in the region to revitalize the regional economy through sales increase of local companies and creation of local jobs. Examples are the wireless convergence in Daejeon and the smart knowledge service / smart distributed energy in Daegu.


According to Dr. Bo-young Jang, it is necessary to set up a spatial unit and real link to promote local projects that reflect local industry and innovation ecosystem as a future improvement direction. It is also needed to prevent the indiscriminate increase of representative industries by region and enhance the effect of targeting. She also said that it is necessary to improve the selection method of local business for the upbringing of new growth engine.


Therefore, the participating researchers agreed that the goal should be set in consideration of the internal and external changes in the local industry and the mid and long-term growth trends, and they discussed about the importance of the private-sector-led industrial policy.