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Title STEPI-MSIT Seminar for Future Policy Community
Date 2018-09-21 Hit 366  

External Strategy Team of the Division of Strategic Planning of STEPI hosted 4 rounds of future policy community seminar from July 17th to August 28th for new officials of the Ministry of Science and ICT who joined the ministry within 3~5 years. The seminar was organized to educate the officials with the technologies and industry trend that lead the 4th industrial revolution, come up with policy counter measures, and establish policy knowledge community based on the young policy makers of the MSIT and the policy researchers of STEPI.

Dr. Jong-hwa Choi, Dr. Seo-in Baik, Dr. Cheong-won Woo and Dr. Young-hwan Kim of STEPI respectively delivered their lectures themed on ‘Conditions for the Formation of Innovation-led Initial Market’, ‘In-depth Analysis on China’s 4th Industrial Revolution’, ‘Ways to Adopt Energy Blockchain’ and ‘Current Status and Improvement of Support for SME’s R&D.’ A total of 90 staff members from various departments of the MSIT participated throughout the 4 rounds of the forum.

In the first round of the seminar, Dr. Jong-hwa Choi stressed the need of public purchase policy to accomplish a government-led technology innovation and introduced Korea’s public procurement system together with other countries’ examples. In the second round, Dr. Seo-in Baik introduced the 4th industrial innovation technology of China based on policy, industry, corporate and regions. He touched on the current status of AI, in which China takes the lead at the moment, and China’s competitiveness and limitations from the domestic market centered on manufacturing industry to the software and hardware segments. In the third round, Dr. Cheong-won Woo made a subject presentation to take a look at the potential use and growth of blockchain technology where high transparency and reliance can be secured. In particular, he emphasized the necessity to adopt energy blockchain which is expected to have significant impact both socially and economically, and shared various overseas cases. In the last seminar, Dr. Young-hwan Kim presented the current status and limitations of our support for SME R&D, and compared with other countries’ cases to support SME R&D to discuss ways to overcome the vicious circle of Korea’s SME R&D.

At the end of the Seminar for Future Policy Community, we conducted a survey to the new officials of the MSIT. According to the survey, the participants answered the lectures improved their understanding of the relevant subject, which reaffirmed the strong commitment of the ministry toward the studying community. On the other hand, some participants pointed out that, given the nature of new officials as the future partner of our policy community, the seminar should have put more focus on the key elements of the policy environment and structural issue. We plan to organize the second seminar by considering these feedbacks.