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Title Seminar on ‘ICT Innovation System and Role of Government-Funded Research Institutes’
Date 2018-05-29 Hit 407  

  The ‘Science and Technology Fields Government-Funded Research System Diagnosis and Innovation Plan’ (PM: Dr. Min-Hyeong Lee, Senior Research Fellow) research team of held a seminar on the theme of “ICT Innovation System and Government-Funded Research”. The discussion invited the Head of Group, Mr. Byung-cheol Choi of Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) as the presenter, and many researchers participated in the seminar. 

  First, the presenter explained about changes due to the 4th Industrial Revolution including the speed of technology development, the changes of the industrial DNA due to digital DNA (Data, Network, Algorithm, Architecture), and the changes in industrial ecology (changes in manufacturing, distribution, bio / medicine, agriculture ‧ livestock ‧ fisheries, defense, finance, and the competition landscape). In response to these social changes, he insisted that the government-funded researches should strengthen the role of IDX (Intelligent Digital Transformation) platform (hub) and strengthen research on convergence and basic ‧ original R & D fields.

  According to the presenter, it is important to establish the optimal national social system and to create new value because there will be competitions between systems in the future society. Therefore, the government-funded research institutes should build a convergence platform for data accumulation and utilization for intelligent digital transformation (IDX). However, the convergence and basic ‧ original R & D in Korea still have a big technological gap compared to global advanced countries and the government is busy establishing the policy that follows advanced country’s model, as the presenter pointed out.

  He insisted that basic ‧ original R & D allows to foresee future by responding to rapid technology development, and it is the foundation of creating new technologies and new industries as the starting point of major industrial development such as nuclear power, radio communication, and new medicines. However, Korea has insufficient basic R & D investment compared to advanced countries, and the competitiveness of future original technologies such as AI is weak. Therefore, continuous and consistent research and reinforcement of investment in basic and original technologies are required to respond to the 4th industrial revolution.

  Finally, he presented common questions for the government-funded institutes, expectations and realities of the institutes, problems of innovative policies, and problems of the government-funded institutes, and also explained about the ETRI R&R (selection of focus areas, reinforcement of investment in focus areas, expansion of professional lab, direction for the right rope, etc.).