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Title Korea-China Research Institutes Discussed the Area & Measure of Cooperation
Date 2018-03-25 Hit 579  

For three days and four nights from March 25, STEPI members visited Shanghai Academy of Science and Technology (SAST) and Shanghai Industrial Technology Institute (SITI) to discuss on 2018 business and the operation of Korea-Shanghai Innovation Cooperation Center. They also met major institutes in Shanghai including the Shanghai Institute of Science & Technology Management (SISTM), the Shanghai Research Institute of Science Technology Policy, the Shanghai Institute for Science of Science (SISS), the Korean Consulate General in Shanghai to make discussions on cooperation measures.


The SISS was the first institution that STEPI visited in Shanghai. It has been expanding in size from a small research-oriented organization. The SISS and STEPI agreed to make joint effort in comprehensive area by holding joint seminar on concrete topic for current issues and organizing joint team to focus on common interest of both institutes. Particularly, we were able to reach a consensus as their areas of interests were similar to STEPI. The SISS also requested to share the know-how that STEPI has accumulated in the policy research for the past 30 years.


In the discussion with the SISTM, the issue of STEPI’s resource displacement, which has had many difficulties, was raised. We also discussed about ways to activate the exchange of visiting scholars. By sharing topics for joint research, the SISTM and STEPI can organize events such as talk show or run periodical innovation policy seminar together. Based on such discussion, both institutes agreed to establish TF and start to exchange potential research topics and data.


Lastly in SITI, we talked about the operation of the Korea-China Innovation Center and the utilization of STEPI asset in the center. More specifically, we came up with ways to hold joint innovation policy workshop or make collaboration in publication projects. SITI expressed particular interests in big data, the development direction of medical industry, technology-innovation-based public procurement, the diffusion effect of innovative products and forecasting model among STEPI’s research subjects. We agreed that further cooperation needs to be made considering the difference in the character of two institutes. It was decided that STEPI offers joint research topics, but both institutes make a detailed plan and guideline together for the platform operation.