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Title 2018 ASEAN Global Business Model Demoday
Date 2018-04-13 Hit 914  

On April 13, the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Studies held the ‘2018 ASEAN Global Business Model Demoday’ in KAIST jointly with the International Center of Daejeon University.


Celebrating its third anniversary this year following 2015 and 2016, the event had more than 30 students from 12 countries including those under the ‘Program for Fostering ASEAN Future Leaders 2017/2018’ by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from ASEAN, as well as other university students from Korea, the US and China.


The event was themed on making better campus by addressing inconvenience in university and providing better value. Three teams of students from different countries presented their business plan and business model and gave shape to the plan through the peer review and the feedback from the jury of professionals.


The teams will actually run their business for a month in May based on the initial fund that they raised in the event. The profit they make will be used for their final presentation, dividends for the investors, and the fund for youth start-up promotion.


STEPI looks forward to seeing the participants from various countries grow as successful entrepreneurs in the future with global entrepreneurship and network based on their experience in the event where they practiced the whole process of business start-up from preparation to execution and investment.