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Title Inauguration of Dr. Hwang Hee CHO, STEPI's 14th President
Date 2017-12-26 Hit 3545  

The inauguration of Dr. Hwang Hee CHO, 14th President of the Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI), was held on December 26, 2017.

In his inaugural speech, President Cho addressed that STEPI is the ideal research institute to drive forward the current administration's policy agendas, such as innovation-driven growth, human-centered science and technology, and 4th industrial revolution. Given the level of expectations from external stakeholders, he urged STEPI to promote the impact of policy research.

President Cho also remarked that it is high time for STEPI to strengthen its organizational capacities to actively respond to external policy needs as well as to forecast and prepare for new needs, and emphasized his plans to implement management innovation, focusing on three values: credibility, usefulness, and pioneer-ship.

In addition, he promised to look into STEPI’s social responsibilities as a governmental institute, including job creation, and cooperation with the local community.

Previously, President Cho had been a policy advisor for the Minister of Science and Technology, expert committee member for Presidential Advisory Council on Education, Science and Technology, non-executive board member of the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, and vice president of STEPI.