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Dr. Hwang-Hee Cho, President of STEPI
Date 2018.03.29 Hit 56
자료 사진
Dr. Hwang-Hee Cho
President of STEPI

  Dr. Hwang-Hee Cho was appointed as the fourteenth President of STEPI last December. He has held various posts previously including policy advisor to the Minister of Science and Technology, expert advisor in the Presidential Advisory Council on Education, Science, and Technology, and vice-president of STEPI. Upon his appointment, Dr. Cho emphasized the importance of management innovation and his will to pursue the governments’ policy agenda including 'Innovation-led growth', 'Human-centered science and technology' and 'Industry 4.0'. Three months since his appointment, I met with Dr. Cho, and spoke about his views on science and technology trends, the development of STEPI, and his personal experience as a researcher.

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