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Dr. Soo-Jeoung Sohn, Research Fellow
Date 2018.06.28 Hit 66
자료 사진
Dr. Soo-Jeoung Sohn
Research Fellow
Division of Institutional Inno

Dr.Soo-Jeoung Sohn, a Research Fellow at STEPI majored in Economics, and has been conducting researches at the STEPI Institutional Innovation Research Division. She is now working as a researcher at the National Science and Technology Advisory Council. She has mainly studied the concept of Intellectual Property Right, linking R & D with IP, strengthening the growth of intellectual property, commercialization of intellectual property, and intellectual property financing. Recently, She is researching on technology commercialization and R & I that goes beyond intelligent property. She always pursues to live present as present. The following is an interview with her about the life as a researcher and her research activities.






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