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Dr. Wi-Chin Song, Senior Research Fellow
Date 2018.05.29 Hit 41
자료 사진
Dr. Wi-Chin Song
Senior Research Fellow

△ Dr. Wi-Chin Song, Senior Research Fellow, majored in History of Science and Technology and Science and Technology Policy and has worked at STEPI as the Head of Social Innovation Research Team, Director of Innovation Policy Research Center, and Director of Planning and Coordination. He has mainly focused on introducing new concepts such as NIS and post catch-up, and creating a forum for discussion, and has been continuing research on science technology and society. He is also pursuing social problem-solving projects such as ‘Living Lab’ that citizens can participate, and he dreams to be a science technologist who innovates society. The following is an interview with him.






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2 Dr. Suk-Kwan Kim, Research Fellow 2018.04.30 40
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