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Let’s become an expert who can read the context – Research Fellow Jang-hun Jung
Date 2018.09.21 Hit 12
자료 사진
Jang-hun Jung
Research Fellow

△ Research Fellow Jang-hun Jung, who majored in Science of Public Administration, is researching at the Office of National R&D Research of STEPI. Currently being dispatched to the Ministry of Science and ICT, he is working on the preliminary feasibility test of businesses. In his researches so far, he has approached the field of science and technology from institutional perspective focusing on technology regulation, budget, public purchase and etc. We met Jung, who wants to become an expert who maintains comprehensive information beyond the mere accumulation of knowledge, and listened to his life and researches as a STEPIAN.


As a STEPI member dispatched to the Ministry of Science and ICT, what are you working on at the ministry?
I have taken ....

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