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SETPI research reports are published in the three categories : policy research, analysis research and policy briefs. The policy research reports are aimed at presenting mid- and longterm policy initiatives and policy alternatives to the
government, while the analysis research reports are focused on analyzing the statistics of S&T policy and technology innovation. The policy briefs are developed for policymakers and as reference materials for researchers.

55/55 Page Total [550]

No Title Author Date File Hit
10 [Research Report] A Study on How to Vitalize Temporary Workforce Business for R&D Manpower Hur Hyun-Hoi 1999-05-01 P99-082.pdf 1126
9 [Research Report] Study on the preparation of meteorological service for the unified Korea and the role of KMA Jai-Ho Oh 1999-04-01 R99-041.pdf 1074
8 [Research Report] S&T Policy Issues for the Transition Period of Economic Restructuring Lee Dal Hwan 1999-04-01 P99-072.pdf 1249
7 [Research Report] A Study on the Revitalization of National Science Museum Jung Iljae 1999-04-01 P99-062.pdf 1261
6 [Research Report] A Study on the Estimation and Relevant Ratio Selection of the Government Basic Research Budget in Korea Min Chul Koo 1999-03-01 P99-052.pdf 1367
5 [Research Report] Long-term Development Strategies for the Taeduck Science Town, Korea Sul Sung-Soo 1999-03-01 P99-033.pdf 1165
4 [Research Report] A Study on the Site analysis and assumption of the construction scale of National Seoul Science Museum Lee Boem Jae 1999-02-01 R99-021.pdf 1416
3 [Research Report] A Policy Study on Foreign National Researchers in Korea Yim Deok Soon 1999-02-01 P99-022.pdf 1356
2 [Research Report] A Study on the Technological Innovation of Korean Mobile Telecommunication Industry : The Interaction of Technology Politics and Technological Learning Song Wi-Chin 1999-01-01 P99-015.pdf 1197
1 Changes in Employment paradigm Driven by Technological Innovation and Strategy for Developing S&T Manpower Seong-Min Hong   Changes in Employment paradigm Driven by Technological Innovation and Strategy for Developing S&T Manpower.pdf 160