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Current Research Projects Board
No Title Duration Leader
120 Analysis and Measures for Improvement of Legal System related Performance Appraisal of National R&D 2014-01-01~2014-10-31 Seung-Woo Yang
119 International technology innovation and cooperation project 2014-01-01~2014-12-31 Hwang-Hee Cho
118 Monitoring Governmental R&D Programs in China : 2014 2014-01-01~2014-12-31 Sung-Bum Hong
117 Evaluating SME's Innovation Capability and analyzing SME Innovation Policy (V) 2014-01-01~2014-12-31 Chae-Yoon Lim
116 Sci. & Tech. based Foresight for National Development 2014-01-01~2014-12-31 Byeong-Won Park
115 2014 Korea's Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators 2014-01-01~2014-12-31 Seok-Hyeon Kim
114 A Study on the Current State of Environment Technology in North Korea for S&T Cooperation Methods between South-North Korea 2014-01-01~2014-10-31 Jong-Seon Kim
113 Study on building global STI platform: focusing on overseas outposts towards promoting 'Creative Economy' and 'Trust Diplomacy' 2014-01-01~2014-10-31 Myung-Jin Lee
112 Finding and promoting Young Innovators in Korea 2014-01-01~2014-12-31 Hyung-Joo Kim
111 Innovative Strategies for Entrepreneurship Education of University in Science and Engineering 2014-01-01~2014-10-31 Seon-U Kim